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With summer quickly approaching, you want to get ready for a great night with your family and friends with your outdoor movie theater. If you had one setup last year, then it is time to pull out the projector and make sure it is ready for streaming the latest Marvel feature or the Office seasons 1-9(for the 150th time).

Outdoor Movie screen

Many of you may own one of the many models that take the SP-LAMP-084. This particular projector lamp works in over 20+ models from multiple manufacturers! This particular projector lamp assembly is designed to work with optimal light output to ensure you movie nights are as bright and vivid as possible.

If your current image is not as bright as it could be, check the lamp hours. If your lamp hours are unknown or over 1500 hours, you should think about replacing the projector lamp assembly. A new projector lamp will be much brighter and offer more brilliant color than your old projector lamp.

Many people have never replaced the projector lamp. This is normally an easy process but without direction it can be tricky. We have produced another short video showing you how to change the projector lamp assembly. The projector in the video is a Steelcase PJ930, but the replacement steps apply to any of the models listed for the SP-LAMP-084. The lamp timer reset procedure will vary but each manufacturer will have a manual to show you the proper way to reset the hour count.

If you have any trouble with your projector lamp or the lamp timer reset process, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at 610-444-0590 or via email at!

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