Happy Holidays! Now Replace Your Projector Lamp!

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2019 is barreling towards the end with Thanksgiving fading into the review mirror and the Christmas season sitting on our lap. This is a time of year when we worry about shopping for presents and getting your house in order for the beginning of 2020.

One important thing to get in order is your video projector. End of the year is a perfect time to replace your projector lamp. If you use your projector for movies, gaming, or general TV watching, you probably won’t notice that your image is darker than it used to be. This applies to all brands. Even Epson, Panasonic, BenQ, Casio, Mitsubishi and Dukane just to name a few. Granted if your projector is less than two years old, this isn’t an immediate issue. I hope you keep reading as this will apply to you eventually.

Replacing your projector lamp now will make certain you can entertain your guests over this holiday season. It will make watching the ball drop a lot better if everyone is not crowded around a puny 42″ TV. Instead everyone can watch it on a nice 110+” screen. 🙂

If you live in an area where the night temperatures are still not freezing, consider setting up your projector outside for New Years. You can shine it on the side of a house, using a simple white bed sheet as a screen. They work surprisingly well. I know if it wasn’t 20f here for New Years, I would do the same thing.

Having the ability to hang out with friends and family outside of your own house and watching the ball drop is wonderful. This will be a better experience if you know your projector lamp is in good nick.

This is also a great time to perform the maintenance that your projector needs to keep running happily. Whether you are changing your projector lamp or not, you stand well advised to remove the existing projector lamp and use some low pressure air or a can of compressed air to loosen and remove any dust that has built up. I know maintenance is a common topic of this blog, but that is only because it is so critical and yet so ignored by information from the manufacturers. They stand to gain more than you if you do not maintain it. Think of maintenance as sticking it to the man!

While as a company we would hope to sell you projector lamps, we rather only sell them if you need one.

We don’t want your old lamp to fail early. We want your lamps to run as long as they are designed for. I’d rather have a happy return customer 2-3 years later, than a one-time customer who only gets a few months out of our projector lamps. By keeping your projector clean internally, this can be accomplished.

Feel free to go back and check some of our older blog posts on why maintenance is so important to maximizing your projector lamp’s life.

Since we do want to sell you a projector lamp, we opted to start a special 5% discount coupon code just for the readers of this blog. Head over to our search box and plug in your model number or projector lamp part number. Then you can use the coupon code HOLIDAY2019 to save 5% on your purchase. Like the rest of the year, we offer FREE Ground Shipping with your order. Take advantage of this offer and get your projector ready for the holidays. Then you can start 2020 with a fresh projector lamp and a nice clean projector.

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Thank you and Happy Holidays from all of us at PurelandSupply.com!

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