2020 Is Another Good Year for Customers of PurelandSupply.com

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Did I catch your eye?

If you are not a current customer of PurelandSupply.com I hope I did.

This also applies to current customers but we have decided to take advantage of a new FedEx delivery program that targets metropolitan areas with 7 day a week delivery to your home/residential address.

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If you place an order before 5pm Eastern Standard time, Monday through Friday for free residential ground shipping, your order will still ship the same day.

We are one of the few companies who actually stock their products. We do not have items drop shipped. Not that drop-shipping is bad, but we truly have the stock that we list on the website. When you need a new Optoma projector lamp and you see we have three, I can walk out to the warehouse and see those three lamps.

Many times, the order may be in the delivery area on a Saturday. Before this, you would have to wait until Monday. Your poor lonely projector lamp is sitting in a cold dark delivery truck for two extra days.
Now FedEx will deliver that projector lamp to you on Saturday or Sunday, depending on your distance. This may mean you can watch your projector up to two days earlier! What does that really mean?

It means you can play two extra days of Madden or FIFA, two extra days of watching Gordon Ramsay lamenting poorly made scallops, or two extra days of watching The Witcher…

Mostly it means you can replace your existing Projector lamp up to two days earlier and not having to worry about it again for another few years until this lamp is up for replacement.

The best part about this is it costs you NOTHING extra. PurelandSupply looked at the needs of projector owners. We evaluated what services would help our customers obtain their product as quickly and as inexpensively as possible. We spent months evaluating options and verifying the cities that were promised this service. We worked with FedEx in depth to make sure this plan was one of convenience and value. I think we hit the nail on the head, and I hope you do as well.

Keep in mind this only applies to Home and Residential areas. If you are in a commercial location, unfortunately you may not be able to take advantage of this to that address. Of course, if you ship it to your house instead of your office, it still may be an option.

For more information about the program, such as what is considered residential/home, please follow this link to FedEx’s website where they have specific information and coverage areas. Most major cities and towns are covered. If you are in a ‘metropolitan’ area, then this should apply.

If you need to get your projector lamp a little faster and are not concerned about the 7-day option, we still offer every form of FedEx expedited delivery. Everything from FedEx 2-Day, all the way to Next Day Saturday Delivery (order by 5pm Friday). See our Shipping page for more information and rates as well as the current 2020 FedEx ground time in transit map.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Email, Phone or Online-Chat. Our highly knowledgeable staff is here Monday – Friday, 9am to 5PM Est to answer your questions and handle any order concerns you might have.

Don’t wait until 2021 to take advantage of this opportunity to become a PurelandSupply.com customer! Follow us on Facebook and have a wonderful 2020!

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