PurelandSupply’s Response to COVID-19

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I am sure you have seen dozens or more internet posts and emails about how non-medical companies are dealing with COVID-19. Some companies unfortunately had to close temporarily, while others are spending extra time sanitizing and re-stocking essentials for those of you who are doing your part by staying inside.

PurelandSupply is in a unique position. We are considered allowed to stay open as per the governor of our state. PurelandSupply is permitted to continue operations. That means we can ship your replacement projector lamps without any problems or delays. If you place your order before 5pm EST, it will still ship the same day. Our goal is the least amount of disruption for our customer as possible.

The CDC says the safest thing to do is to stay home, and we encouraged our office employees to stay home with a work from home option. Pureland Supply has a stellar team, everyone opted to work from home rather than take the time off. While projector lamps are not respirators or food, they do make your time stuck in your house more enjoyable by getting that Epson projector back into use.

Or… You know that BenQ, in your basement home theater that had its lamp fail after New Year’s?

Of course you had planned to replace it eventually, but since you are home a good time is now!

Order it now! Here is a link to the search page!
The blog will still be here for you.

Our warehouse staff has been wearing gloves and cleaning the packaging area to make sure the chances of any invisible hitch hikers is minimized. Our paperwork is not being handled by any human hands even after it is printed. The same hygienic warehouse staff makes sure your paperwork is included without any human hands touching it.

They wear gloves all day to ensure their safety and yours.

Some may say, it is ‘just’ a projector lamp, but as the past few weeks have shown, being stuck at home can get tedious. Using your home theater projector to watch some movies with your family or escape the pandemic with some 110″ video games or binge watching shows. These are great ways to pass the time.

We will continue to follow these procedures to ensure your safety and ours. Unless the current situation changes, we expect to stay open and processing orders. Stock is coming in. We have lamps you can buy and we are shipping them with free FedEx ground shipping. In fact, if you are in a metropolitan area, FedEx is delivering on a 7-day schedule. No more waiting for a lamp to show up on Monday when it is now able to be delivered on Saturday!

Please keep following the advice and direction of the CDC and stay home to help stop the spread and alleviate the strain on our healthcare providers.

Do that by watching your projector, and if your projector needs a lamp, follow this link and buy one today!

From all of us at PurelandSupply.com, we wish good health and safe days ahead.

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