2020 Pureland Supply Scholarship Winner

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Congratulations to Kailey LeMay – Winner of the 2020 Pureland Supply Scholarship!

Congratulations to Kailey LeMay, this year’s winner of the Pureland Supply Scholarship for students attending school for the study of trade, craft or labor occupations!

Kailey is a 2020 graduate of Paul’s Valley High School in Oklahoma.  In the fall semester she will attend the Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology for the study of Orthotic & Prosthetic Technologies.  Her goal is to help people who are healing from injuries and medical conditions and those who have lost a limb.

Kailey tells us that “orthotic and prosthetic devices change the lives of people suffering from neuromuscular or skeletal conditions and limb loss that result in need of an orthosis or prothesis.”  Having access to a prosthetic device can dramatically change the life of an amputee or wounded veteran.  She was first inspired by Bethany Hamilton’s accomplishments after losing her arm due to a shark attack.  After researching the achievements of other amputees who are sports figures, Kailey felt it would be rewarding to choose this field.  In addition, after her own experience with orthotics, Kailey hopes to improve the design of some of orthotic devices “to make them more functional, realistic, and comfortable for the people wearing them.”

We wish Kailey success in her future career in Orthotic and Prosthetic Tech and congratulate her as our 2020 Pureland Supply Scholarship winner!

To apply for the 2021 PurelandSupply Scholarship, click HERE to learn more.

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