Optoma SP.8MQ01GC01

How Do I Replace My Projector Lamp? – Optoma

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If you own one of the Optoma HD20 family of projectors, including any of the following models:

HD20, HD20-LV, HD21, HD22, HD23, HD200, HD200X, HD200X-LV, HD180, HD181, HD1081, HD2200, DH1010, EX612, EX615, EW615, EH1020, GT50E, GT50ECA, GT750, P230H,PRO800P, TH1020, TX612, TX615, TW615-3D or have the lamp number, SP.8MQ01GC01, SP.8MY01GC01, BL-FP230D,BL-FP230J, or BL-P230H

The linked video is for you. In the video we explain how to replace your projector lamp and the specifics in identifying your proper model to ensure you order the right projector lamp for your Optoma DLP projector.

Serial number series Q8E – Q8M uses BL-FP230D

Serial number series Q8N – Q8Z uses SP.8MQ01GC01

Be sure to pay attention to the part in the video about the serial number. Every one of these models, may use either an SP.8MQ01GC01 or the BL-FP230D. The difference is determined by the serial number. Make sure you check the first 3 characters of your serial number before ordering your lamp, or feel free to call or email us. Our phone number is 610-444-0590 or Sales@purelandsupply.com

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