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Welcome to the middle of the year! In the United States it is finally summer time. Elsewhere the seasons vary. No matter where you are, this is a great time to check and possibly replace the projector lamp inside your projector. Here are five reasons that will save you time and money with maintaining your projector.

Lamp Hours
  1. Check your lamp hours. Most projectors have a lamp hour timer or counter to track the hours used. Most of them have this info under the Info, advanced settings, or system info of your projectors menu. Check your manual for the proper location of the lamp hours. If you are not sure how to find the manual, check our links to your manufacturer.
    If the lamp hours have surpassed more than 75% of the rated lifespan, it is worth replacing it now and saving the old lamp assembly as a backup. For example, if you have 1800 hours and the rated life span is 2000 hours, changing it now will allow a brighter image and a much lower chance of the projector lamp bursting from running too long.

2. Is your image getting less vibrant or do the color seem like they lost their luster? As a projector lamp ages, the light output drops off. The manufacturers decided that a lamp is no longer worth using once it reaches 50% of its usable light output. You may not notice this drop off as it happens gradually. Aside from checking the hours as stated above, the colors will start to look less vibrant. Reds will look more grey, green will usually look OK, but more muted. Blue tends to look pretty poorly as well. A lot of people have a “go to” video that they play to see if the image looks good to them. If you have a favorite movie or video to watch, see if you think the picture looks as good as it should. If not or if you are not sure, then you can replace the projector lamp.
If you buy it from PurelandSupply you have a 30 day return/refund warranty so you have nothing to lose. If replacing the projector lamp makes no difference, then you can return it for a refund within the first 30 days. Read our warranty page for more information on what other return options you have.

Bad Image
Good Image
Knock Off Bare Bulb
Non-Branded Bare Lamp

3. Where did your last projector lamp come from? Was it from the manufacturer or was it from Amazon? Many of the projector lamps sold on Amazon and other marketplaces are made with cheaper materials and don’t last as long as the original OEM parts. While projector lamps are not the cheapest in replacement parts, you do get what you pay for. A name brand bare lamp like Philips or Ushio, cost more than an entire lamp assembly from the discount sellers. Your projector was not cheap, try not to use cheap parts to keep it running.

Video projectors are a very unique piece of kit. They use multiple parts to build up their systems and the projector lamp assembly is the most important of those parts. You can think of the projector lamp as the “tires” of the projector. Since automobile tires are the part that interfaces the vehicle with the road, the projector lamp is the interface between the projector and the person viewing the image. Without a properly built and handled projector lamp you leave your projector open for unnecessary wear and tear and possible un-repairable damage.

See if any of the above reasons apply to you and then head over to our store and find a new original replacement projector lamp for your model projector.

Thanks again for reading and enjoy the rest of your day!

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