How Do I find My Optoma Model Number?

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Optoma has a wide and varied product line.  Their use of similar projector bodies and lenses can create confusion between models when it comes time to buy a replacement projector lamp.  For example, the Optoma GT1080 has multiple variants.  There is the Optoma GT1080, GT1080HDR, and GT1080Darbee.  Each one of these models uses a different projector lamp. They are not cross compatible even though the projectors look essentially identical.

Many sources for replacement projector lamps ask for the model number to find the proper replacement projector lamp. This is a great method if you know the model number.  However, Optoma has a funny habit of using “regulatory numbers” on the bottom as a “model number”.  Instead of listing ‘GT1080’ they will use a set of letters that do not seem to match up to anything. 

Regulatory Dataplate HD28DSE
Regulatory Model VDHNBDSE / HD28DSE
Serial Number
Serial Number for HD28DSE

This is where the serial number comes in helpful.  Every Optoma projector has a serial # listed on the casing.  This is because they use the same physical casing for multiple models.  The Serial number is your best way to determine the model.  This situation applies to many other models.  The HD39Darbee and HD28DSE share a casing and can be mixed up easily.  They both use projector lamps that are very similar. It is easy to assume that the projector lamp from one might work in the other, but they will not. “If” the projector lamps work, they will fail very quickly as the projectors have different power requirements.

While Optoma may not have used recognizable model numbers on many of their projectors, they did produce a tool that helps you find the proper model (depending on where the projector was purchased).  This link is to the Optoma USA website.  Click that link and it will take you to a tool that you type your serial number into.  Then press “submit” and the true model number will be displayed.  You can then save that info for when it is time to buy a new projector lamp.

If your projector was imported from UK/EU, you can use this link.

After obtaining the proper model number, it may be wise to write it down, so you have it for when you need the info. 

Then when it is eventually time to purchase your replacement projector lamp, you can head to our store front and plug your model number into our search field.  You are guaranteed the proper replacement projector lamp if you follow these steps.  Our data has been cleaned and verified over the years to where we have the utmost confidence in the product cross reference, we offer to you.

Of course, if you have any questions, concerns or are unable to find your proper model number, please contact our highly trained and dedicated staff.  All we do is replacement projector lamps.  If we can’t find the proper model number, the projector does not exist.

Visit today for your replacement projector lamp or call us at 610-444-0590.

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